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North East Winnipeg Chiropractor :: Dr. Brett Carter

I was a Skeptic

Winnipeg Chiropractor Dr. Brett Carter with his son Stefano

Winnipeg Chiropractor Dr. Brett Carter with his son Stefano

“Initially, I was a skeptic,” admits Dr. Carter, growing up in North Kildonan he subjected his body to the trauma of multiple sports such as hockey, football, soccer… After a football injury in Grade 12 he sought the help of a Chiropractor. “It was incredible, I could not believe how I felt afterwards, it was as if someone released a huge amount of pressure off of my body and within a short period of time I felt better than before my injury,” stated Dr. Carter.

Dr. Carter’s Education

Dr. Carter entered University with the expectation of pursuing either medicine or dentistry as a career choice. “My local chiropractor was relentless in trying to convince me that chiropractic was a better choice. It was through my chiropractor that I learned about a different model/philosophy of health. I experienced first hand the health benefits of chiropractic care and innately knew that the natural philosophy of chiropractic was right. The idea of putting a chemical into a body to achieve health just never made sense to me.”

After completing science courses at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Carter packed his bags for Atlanta, Georgia where he attended chiropractic school. Dr. Carter stated, “I had spoke to many chiropractors in the field prior to making my choice of schools and the school in Atlanta always seemed to be at the top of the everyone’s list.” Dr. Carter found the academic experience of chiropractic school challenging and enlightening. “I was surprised how the vitalistic approach and respect towards the innate wisdom within each of us was incorporated in to many of the science classes at chiropractic school. I believe it is the understanding and respect of the innate wisdom of the body that is the fundamental difference that separates the healing arts,” commented Dr. Carter.

At North Kildonan Family Chiropractic Centre

“We love skeptics” smiles Dr. Carter. “I make a point of being very through in our examination and our explanation. I want the patient to be involved and understand their situation. The word Doctor comes from the Latin root ‘Doctus’ which means to teach. A big part of our job is to teach people about health and how to achieve it. I make a point to explain everything in advance, answer any questions and to over communicate. Patients appreciate that.”

At Home

Dr. Carter is married to Maria and they have a son named Stefano. Stefano has lived the chiropractic lifestyle from birth and received his first adjustment when he was only minutes old.  After studying engineering at McGill, Dr. Stefano completed his chiropractic degree in spring 2021 and has now joined Dr. Brett at the office.

Regular chiropractic adjustments combined with exercise, proper nutrition and family time are key to maintaining and optimizing health. Dr. Carter’s family avoids the ingestion of toxins and chemicals and rely on more natural and less invasive methods to maintain their health.

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